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True Colors personal success seminars focus on building a pathway to the life and work you want. It creates a clear understanding of human nature and one’s self. It creates opportunities for efficiency, critical thinking, skills, and harmony.

True Colors uses a four temperament model, identified by four colors for ease of use. In the seminar, each person will identify characteristics that make up his or her personality. We each have characteristics of all four temperaments. Most of us have a dominant “Brightest Color” temperament that is influenced by our other traits. Understanding this blending of our traits will give a better sense of who we are, why we do what we do, and why our life is the way it is. Participants often comment on how enlightening it is to them.

Another key aspect of the True Colors seminar is that it helps us to appreciate people who are different from us because we understand their motivations and intentions better. It helps us unravel the mystery of why people, co-workers, and family members do what they do, say what they say, and want what they want.

The program was created by Don Lowry who became aware of the work of Dr. David Keirsey (Author of Please Understand Me). Dr. Keirrsey had been refining the work of Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Meyers who developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) that shows that human behaviour is orderly and can be characterized by different personality types.

The Idea behind True Colors was to simplify the process, without losing the integrity or information, so that we could readily understand and use the tools and information Myers-Briggs and Keirsey provide. It is designed to be used easily in our day-to-day lives. It expands our horizons and provides us with the “big picture”

Through understanding yourself and others, and having effective ways of communicating, each and every person can expect to enjoy greater success at work, at home, and in life!


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