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Bullying and harassment in the workplace can take many forms, including verbal aggression, personal attacks, and other intimidating behaviours. If workplace bullying and harassment is not addressed, it can lead to lost productivity, anxiety, and depression. An employer has a duty to ensure the health and safety of its workers, and as a result, employers must take all reasonable steps to prevent workplace bullying and harassment.

Employers must implement procedures to respond to reports or incidents of bullying and harassment and must provide annual training/review to employees to meet requirements.

The parameters or these procedures are often difficult to fully understand and may be forgotten over time. This half-day presentation provides information on discrimination, bullying, and harassment. The seminar reviews your company’s policies and procedures along with detailed information and discussion around WorkSafeBC’s information regarding the following:

– What is discrimination?
– What are Prohibited Grounds?
– What does Bullying and Harassment look like?
– What is NOT Bullying and Harassment?
– What to do when I am (or others are being) Bullied or Harassed?
– What is Retaliation?
– Confidentiality
– Formal resolution options

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