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Disagreements can be unsettling to say the least . . . and sometimes trying to solve it on your own adds to the pain. You may have even come to see each other as enemies. You may be experiencing feelings of confusion, anger, frustration and hopelessness. Under these conditions it may be difficult to find solutions, much less imagine a way of communicating with each other that actually works.

The situation does not have to continue this way! You are part of a growing number of people who have been seeking a more constructive and lasting alternative.

Mediation is recognized as an way to create successful agreements as well as respect and understanding in a long term, fast and cost effective way. Put an end to the stress!

Mediation is a common sense approach to resolving conflict based on the principle of:

– A CONFIDENTIAL and SUPPORTED exchange of information;

– FUTURE FOCUSED problem solving;

– CREATE A SOLUTION that works for all involved.


A Way forward

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We specialize in the following types of conflict situations:

Is there conflict in your work of personal life that you need to work through?

Mediation can bring together people from all walks of life with every different point of view. There is a way through, let us help you find it. 


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