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Creating Understanding and Building an Action Plan for your Workplace and Community.
Seeing & Solving

A Facilitated Communication Process to building an Action Plan.

This process assists in taking a hard, deep and honest look at systemic issues that exist in workplaces, communities & organizations.  Sometimes we don’t even know what bullying/harassment/discrimination looks like.  Our team facilitates conversation through the exploration of conflictual situations.  This conversation leads to awareness and discovering underlying issues so they can be addressed.

Once issues have been identified, we work together to identify and build an action plan to address these issues.  The plan may include:

–  How to Get Started

–  What do we need in order to heal?

–  How much time will we need for each part of the action plan?

–  Who else needs to be involved?

–  How can our community/team members be involved?  Take a look at how each person can be part of the solution.

–  Take a look at how we may get/be stuck?  How do we move forward?

The goal of this plan is to create a productive, healthy, successful environment for all involved that is real — that works — that is long lasting.  We provide ongoing communication and mediation support for as long as is requested by the parties.


How Do We Get Started?

Learn to Identify issues
& Build Solutions

Mediation can bring together people from all walks of life with every different point of view. There is a way through, let us help you find it. 


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