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Laurie Bailer, C. Med.

“My goal is to provide each client with the opportunity to resolve conflict and improve communication. I became a Mediator in 2006 and practice an interest-based approach for resolving disputes. In my training sessions, all participants have the opportunity to be heard, develop understanding, acknowledge change and differences, and work toward a resolution that really works.”

Laurie is a Nationally Chartered Mediator, Facilitator, and Conflict Management Specialist since 2006, earning her Chartered Mediator Certification in 2010. Laurie is passionate about mediation and facilitation and enjoys working with people from all walks of life. Conflict is a fact of life, it happens to all of us!

Laurie Believes in interest-based practices for resolving disputes where all people involved have the opportunity to be heard, develop understanding, and work toward a resolution that works for all. Mediation practices have proven to be one of the quickest, most effective, and “people friendly” ways of resolving conflict.

Through her mediation firm, Peace Builder Mediation Services, Laurie specializes in Workplace, Agricultural, Civil, Neighbourhood/Community, Team, and Succession/Will/Estate mediations.

Laurie has extensive facilitation experience and is a co-creator and facilitator of the Encounters With Anger Program as well as Respect In the Workplace and Building Bridges/Tools for Team Building Seminars.

Both mediation and facilitation processes lead to building respectful workplaces, strengthening working relationships, problem-solving, reducing tension/stress, increasing productivity, and resolving issues quickly and efficiently.

How Mediation & Conflict Coaching Can Work For You!

Mediation can bring together people from all walks of life with every different point of view. There is a way through, let us help you find it. 


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